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Ceramic Coating

Nano-Technology Protection

A nano-coating product that is developed for the protection of vehicle surfaces and paintwork. Providing unrivaled durability and deep gloss that can last for many years.

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What is Ceramic Coating?

Hydrophobic Nano Ceramic Coating (to give it its full name), is a highly effective method of protecting the paintwork of a vehicle for up to five years. 

It forms a smooth nano-coating layer on treated surfaces, which offers protection against environmental factors, chemicals and minor scratches. 

The coating provides water and oil repellency and allows for the easy cleaning of tough stains, such as bird droppings, tar and road salt residue. It also protects the colour of the paint by providing UV protection. 

Prices start from £225

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Benefits of Ceramic Coating

Not only will the surface be guarded against scratches, but the body of your vehicle will also acquire a silky tactual feeling, with a high-gloss shine.

Once the Ceramic Coating has been applied, the vehicle will require only easy maintenance washing to keep it in optimum condition. We offer Ceramic Coating protection in one, three and five-year packages. 

Ceramic Coating can also be applied to other surfaces, including: wheels, exterior glass and interiors.

Please note: prices do not include initial preparation, which as a minimum, will involve a Single-Stage Polish to remove light swirling and holograms.