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Paint Enhancement & Correction

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For those individuals who want the absolute best from their vehicle’s paintwork. Our experience and knowledge enables us to offer the most professional approach to achieve the highest success and results in this sector.

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Paint Enhancement

Paint enhancement involves utilising the correct polishing compounds and machine polishers to get the desired finish for a vehicle’s paintwork. The aim is to eliminate any swirls, holograms and light scratches. 

We can check each painted surface of a vehicle using our specialist paint measurement tool. This allows us to assess the condition of the paint; spot any areas that have been repaired so that we can compile the most effective enhancement package.

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Paint Correction

A Paint correction means eliminating every defect possible, using a flatting procedure follwed by polishing the surface back to an extreme gloss level.

Paint correction can remove ‘orange peel’, heavy scratching and light surface damage – e.g light bumper scuffs, bush scratches, rear bumper luggage scuffs. But it cannot be used for anything that has broken the surface, such as accident damage.

We base our Paint Correction process on anything that can be flatted and polished to a satisfactory standard. If this is not possible, a paint rectification will be required (see paint rectification section)

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